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WaterReuse is a new project funded by the LIFE + Programme of the European Union. It tries to set a definitive solution to unsolved problems of application for recommended Best Available Techniques (BAT) on this type of waste, and it will be tested on chemical and food companies, both with strict European regulations regarding emissions. These are currently fulfilled in some cases at high costs and inefficient technologies.

Deep and Membrane Filtration, Electro and Photocatalysis Oxidation (EPO) and Solar Panels were combined in a prototype. And all controlled by an intelligent system.

WaterReuse intends to implement, validate and disseminate environmentally sustainable and efficient use of energy, which allows the reuse of water from process effluent. The system reduces water and Carbon footprint.

The project started up in October 2013 and runs for two years in the Region of Murcia. Coordination is carried by Gálvez Muñoz Destilerías, SA and has the cooperation of the Centro Tecnológico Nacional de la Conserva y Alimentación.