The main technical result is the creation of a system that allows the reuse of water from process effluent after treatment.

Effective in the destruction of organic contaminants and the efficient use of energy, as well as environmentally sustainable, it also getting reduced water footprint and carbon footprint.

Quantified data about the system’s performance:

  • Reuse of 95% of processed water.
  • Total removal of TSS and COD from the waste water.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint by 45%.
  • Production and storage of Hydrogen above 90% of the equivalent charge used.
  • Treatment flow rate from 10 m3/per day (COD 1000) to 1 m3/day (COD 10000).

At the level of comunication, pretends to awareness by the problems caused by Water Stress and Carbon Footprint, and promoting a culture of reuse of process water in industry. In addition to present effective and efficient technologies to reuse this water, transferring WaterReuse applications outside the scope of the project beneficiaries and disseminating technical results obtained.